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Bernardaud Limoges, China Replacements, Dinnerware Tableware

Replacement China in the china patterns by Bernardaud & C, France Limoges.

Bernardaud & Cie was established in 1900 when Leonard Bernardaud bought La Taupiniere factory on Rue Albert Thomas in Limoges. This factory had been established in 1863 by P. Guery and R. Delinieres, then owned by Delinieres alone from 1879. Leonard Bernardaud and his father both had worked for Delinieres, and Leonard may have been a partner from 1895.
A New York office run by the son Jacques Bernardaud (c1888-?) was opened in 1911. Another factory was bought factory in 1919. Brother Michel Bernardaud (1896-1949) was director from 1923-1949. In 1949 he installed the first effective tunnel kiln in Limoges, which increased production.
Jacques Bernardaud became director in 1950 and reorganized the company in 1955. Jacques worked with artists and substantially increased the decorative lines of the company.
When Jacques retired in 1962, his nephew Pierre Bernardaud took over. He introduced contemporary lines and began television advertising, which included a jingle well known in France.
Michael Bernardaud became director in 1994. He expanded international operations. He also renovated and converted the original factory on Rue Albert Thomas into a Museum and factory store. The company continues in operation, one of the oldest family operated companies in Limoges, with a full line of production. See the company website.

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