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Pyrex, Horizon Kitchenware Replacements by Corning Ware

Pyrex Horizon replacements, kitchenware, bakeware, ovenware made by Corning Ware in the USA.

Pyrex Horizon Blue - Various blue stylized flower and art-deco designs on an opal white background. This can be a confusing pattern because of the variation in the pattern among different items. The biggest difference is between the pattern on casserole lids and the standard pattern on bowls and other items. The problem is compounded by the alternating use of simple solid color items in a deep blue color. These solid color items are frequently mismatched or misidentified (like the Daisy line), especially the bowls and cinderella bowls because they have no pattern on them. Various lids can either completely clear, clear with pattern or opal white with pattern. Also known as: Blue Horizon, Horizon, Blue Deco.

pyrex horizon mixing bowl  Horizon by Pyrex
  Description: Blue flowers, dots, geometric design
  Status: Discontinued:
  Condition: Used; good
pyrex horizon mixing bowls
DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Mixing Bowl 8 3/4" #403 PYRHORm8 1 $21.99 Add to Cart
Mixing Bowl 5 3/4" #401 PYRHORm5 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
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