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Pyrex, Spice of Life Kitchenware Replacements by Corning Ware

Pyrex Spice of Life kitchenware, bakeware, ovenware Made by Corning Ware in the USA.

pyrex, spice of life  Spice of Life by Corning Ware
  Description: Corning Ware; Spice of Life, fruits, vegetables on white body.
  Status: Discontinued: 1972 - 1987
  Condition: Used

Pyrex was first made by Corning in 1915.

DESCRIPTION item description ITEM ID item identification AVAIL. pieces available PRICE EA. price each piece ADD TO CART shopping cart
Covered Casserole P-4-B, 1.5 qt (rectangular) CORSPLIccr 1 $37.99 Add to Cart
Perculator P166 (complete) CORSPLIperc 1 $44.99 Add to Cart
Petite Pan P-43-B w/o lid CORSPLIp43b 1 $14.99 Add to Cart
Petite Pan P-41-B w/o lid CORSPLIp41b 5 $11.99 Add to Cart
Salt Shaker CORSPLIss 1 $5.99 Add to Cart
Covered Casserole w/Lid A-2-B, 2 qt. sq. CORSPLIcc2 1 $28.99 Add to Cart
Covered Casserole w/Lid A-1.5-B, 1 1/2 qt. sq. CORSPLIcc1.5 0 $25.99 Sold
Covered Casserole w/Lid A-1-B, 1 qt. sq. CORSPLIcc1 0 $24.99 Sold
Casserole w/o Lid A-2-B w/o Lid, 2 qt. sq. CORSPLIc2 1 $21.99 Add to Cart
Covered Casserole A-1.75-B w/o lid, 1 3/4 qt. sq. CORSPLIc1.75 1 $19.99 Add to Cart
Sugar bowl w/Lid CORSPLIsu 0 $11.99 Sold
Creamer CORSPLIcr 1 $11.99 Add to Cart
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