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Replacement China in the Sango China discontinued patterns made in Japan and Korea.

Sango Ceramics Indonesia is the leading Indonesian-based ceramics tableware manufacture founded in 1978. Today we produce fine china, porcelain, stoneware and, since the beginning of 2009, bone china for home, as well as for the hospitality industry. Sango boasts an international management team with over 30 years of collective experince in ceramic manufacturing.

Our product variety is second to none. Different bodies aside, we are able to work with several glazes; from shiny colorful glazes, matt glazes also reactive glazes for a more rustic look. In the design area, we work with both American and European designers that enable us to offer a huge array of possibilities when it comes to shape and patterns. Our sophisticated in-house decal department will then translate these design to beautiful tableware using different techniques decal types including relief/reactive decal, mica decal, gold/platinum decal, all of which can be produced according to your country's health standard.

Being an integrated producer, Sango offers 'one-stop-shopping' for serious ceramic buyers. Our extensive in-house services include decal printing, packaging, and lab testing of Lead and Cadmium releases to comply with standarts set by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). This puts in the enviable position of guaranteeing a short lead time in mass production, which often given us an edge over our competitors, who have to rely upon outside suppliers.

Our technology is constantly upgraded to ensure that we maintain leading edge performance. All of our products are double fired using tunnel kilns or fast firing kilns to ensure efficiency as well as stability in both quality and durability. A third firing is conducted for decorated products. As part of our commitment to you, quality inspection is conducted at the end of every stage during the production process. This way, we can ensure that we deliver only quality products to your warehouse. Information from Sango China Company