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Southern Potteries, Blue Ridge China Replacements, Tableware

Replacement China in the discontinued china patterns Made by Blue Ridge, Southern Potteries in the USA.

Southern potteries was established in 1918 in the hope that the Carolina, Clinchfield and Ohio Railroad would further encourage industries to the area. The pottery was built by Ted Owens of Minerva, Ohio. Difficulty in keeping experienced potters and the training of local people caused a couple of reorganizations to the pottery.

The hand-painting on the bisque and cheap wages paid to the local help contributed to the success of the pottery. Literally thousands of pieces were sold for theatre premiums in the 1940s. Also the ability to discard one pattern and start another, with little or no expense, was another contributing factor to Southerns success.
The Southern Potteries was liquidated in the 1950s and was sold to the National Casket Company, thus ending another American potter story. Southern Potteries started in business as Clinchfield Ware, became Southern Potteries, and later was better known as Blue Ridge China Company. Many decorating companies made matching or co-ordinating designs to go with the hand painting being done at the Southern Pottery plant.