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Hartstone Tableware, American Stoneware made in the USA

Replacement Tableware in the Stoneware patterns made by Hartstone in Ohio.

Read the story of Hartstone - In April of 2005, the craftspeople of Hartstone sadly closed our doors, saying goodbye to our handcrafted trade--and our way of life. Our days as the manufacturer for Starbucks mugs had ended as the work was sent overseas. We had lost our way. How could we compete with overseas labor when it takes us nearly eight days to craft a mug?

Times have changed. We're back open and smiling again. Our factory store in Zanesville, Ohio has undergone multi-million dollar renovations. Our website is a destination in and of itself. We've proudly associated with fine retailers like Orvis, Plow & Hearth and countless independent retailers across the country. With a fresh approach, and thanks to people like you who appreciate the value of our one of a kind pottery, it's with great pride that we say that Hartstone is here to stay.

Whether you're looking for exclusive handcrafted Ohio State licensed pottery or a platter of our fresh Summer Garden, we are proud that our story has made its way to you. By choosing Hartstone you've given us a vote of confidence in our Made in America stoneware and our way of life. We appreciate our friends—old and new!