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The Dish Patch, Newsletter published by Robbins Nest

The Dish Patch Newsletter written by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman.

Articles published by Robbins Nest on various dinnerware subjects written by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman.

Jo Cunningham has been a student of the American pottery/dinnerware industry for thirty years. After making a pioneering study of the Jewel Tea/Autumn Leaf dinnerware, Jo self-published her first book, The Autumn Leaf Story. The Autumn Leaf Story was reprinted five times and is currently out of print. She founded and edited “the glaze” the first newspaper devoted solely to American dinnerware and pottery. In 1978, Jo founded and managed for fourteen years the first show and sale devoted only to American Pottery, Earthenware and China called the A.P.E.C. show.

Jo Cunningham lives in Springfield, Missouri. Jo is “wife” to Wayne, “Mom” to seven grown children, “Granny” to twelve delightful grandchildren with another grandchild and a great grandchild soon to be added to the family. Jo is currently working on a new American dinnerware book that will focus on the potteries of Ohio and West Virginia.

You may contact Jo at or write her at:
Jo Cunningham
535 E. Normal
Springfield, Missouri 65807.

See Books written by Jo Cunningham & Darlene Nossaman on this website.

We apologize for the newer newsletters that have disappeared from this web page. Our Web host did a restore and used an old backup and all newsletters from October 2004 till now have vanished. We are working on getting these restored as time permits.

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