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The Dish Patch, The Laughlin Commode, Newsletter

The Dish Patch Newsletter on The Laughlin Commode written by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman.

Published by Robbins Nest.

laughlin commode photo  During the formative years of the Homer Laughlin China Company, there is little evidence found where Mr. Laughlin chose to advertise in trade journals. In all probability, he thought that his ware would be able to stand on the merit of design and service ability. There is one exception, and that is the Laughlin Commode which was designed by Mr. Laughlin and Mr. Joel H. Ellis of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The two gentlemen applied for a patent June 23, 1881 and were assigned patent number 247,181 on September 20, 1881. In addition to the signature of attorneys Leggett and Leggett, witnesses to the signature of J. A. Ellis were Mr. J. M. Dye and Mr. Herbert Ellis.

Witnesses to the signature of Homer Laughlin were Mr. William S. Farrell and Mr. Josiah Crawford.

Mr. Laughlin seemed to be very proud of this invention as it was advertised in Pottery and Glass Journal, as well as China, Glass and Lamps, and other trade journals and magazines. He even wrote letters to jobbers and buyers touting his commode.

The following is from the original patent:

view 1 of laughlin commode  Drawing of figure 1 - A commode provided with ears with vertical openings. view 2 of laughlin commode  Drawing of figure 2 - A vertical section of the commode body showing metal ball of the form ordinarily used in buckets or pails. The bail is adapted to have a rubber ring which allows the bail to be dropped without noise or damage to the body. view 3 of laughlin commode  Drawing of figure 3 - A detached view of one ear showing eyebolts with screw threaded stems, which are inserted in openings with fusible metal surrounding the stems of the eyebolts.
Photos shown are from a copy of the actual drawing submitted by Mr. Laughlin and Mr. Ellis for their commode.

Some photos below of Homer Laughlin Commodes
laughlin commodelaughlin commodelaughlin commode

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guide to shape and patterns, backside
Written by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman

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