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The Dish Patch, Collectible Bowls, Newsletter

The Dish Patch Newsletter on Collectible Bowls written by Jo Cunningham and Darlene Nossaman.

Published by Robbins Nest.

empress decorated bowls  Bowls, Bowls and More Bowls - The Homer Laughlin China Company produced a variety of miscellaneous deorated bowls from the turn of the century until the late 1960s. Sometimes these bowls were referred to as "specialty" bowls, which meant they were not included in dinnerware sets, but sold as single items. These "specialty/salad" bowls were 8", 9" or 10" in diameter, and many sported a faded airbrush treatment on the outer rim. In addition to these "specialty/salad" bowls, the company also produced a large bowl, which has been referred to as a "spaghetti bowl". This article will highlight several bowls from the 1940s and 1950s.

Special bowls were produced in wide variety of shapes. Some known shapes are New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia Rose China, Boston and Empress. The Empress bowl was the original shape Empress used in the Empress dinnerware from the 1920s. Most of these bowls were sold by variety stores such as F. W. Woolworth, J. J. Newberry, and G. C. Murphy. The bowls could also be purchased through the Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward catalogs. The bowls were also used as premium offers for companies like Colgate, Premium, Associates, Fox-Ware Premiums and Jewel Tea.

virginia rose stencil full clover blue  virginia rose stencil red clover bowlvirginia rose stencil full clover rose  virginia rose specialty bowl January 29, 1941, Colgate ordered 8" Virginia Rose nappies in an assortment of decorations. In 1942, the Jewel Tea Company ordered 80,000 8" salad bowls in a variety of treatments.

pennsylvania salad premium offered by colgate new york salad bowlSeptember 30, 1957, F. W. Woolworth ordered 9" No.1500 New York Salads and 9" 1501 Pennsylvania Salads at $3.14 per dozen.
pennsylvania salad premium offered by colgateThe same month, September 1957, J. J. Newberry Variety Store ordered 9" decorated salad 1502 Pennsylvania for $3.14 per dozen.
empress decorated bowlspremium associates spaghetti bowlOctober 7, 1957 Premium Associates of Newark, NJ ordered Empress bowl in assorted patterns, CPP-107, CCP-108 green, and CCP-109 red in three dozen cases at $4.49 per dozen. The consumer could obtain coupons for these bowls by purchasing various products on which the coupon was featured on the outside of the carton, or inside product. Premium Associates also ordered spaghetti bowls 14 1/2" W-4923 at $22.84 per dozen. These spaghetti bowls could also be obtained in same manner as the other bowls.
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