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Newsletter; The Dish Patch, Club Aluminum - Priscilla, 1941

The Dish Patch Newsletter on Club Aluminum - Priscilla pattern written by Jo Cunningham.

Published by Robbins Nest.

CLUB ALUMINUM PRODUCTS, 1941 - In 1941, an agreement was entered into with the Homer Laughlin China Company and Club Aluminum for dinnerware and ovenware for their continuity plans in their Food Stores Division. The first promotion was scheduled with the Loblaw Groceteria, Inc. Buffalo, New York. The continuity plan is still in existence today with grocery stores. The customer buys or is given a piece of dinnerware and is encouraged to come back the following week for another piece of the set.

Club Aluminum explicitly spelled out their wishes in the agreement with the Homer Laughlin China Company. First, in accordance to the agreement, all merchandise had to be first quality; second, the decoration N1639 (Nautilus and KK351 (Kitchen Kraft) be assigned as the exclusive use of Club Aluminum Products Company. The name "Priscilla" was given to both N1639 and KK351. The third stipulation was that the Household Institute trademark be placed on the bottom of each piece except the teacups. The trademark on the ovenware should differ from the dinnerware. The Club Aluminum items were to be marked with their name only.

They were also very specific about cartons and shipping in items four and five of the agreement. They wanted labels or imprinting on all shipping cartons. The 16 piece dinnerware sets were to be packed 1 set to a carton - each set consisting of 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 fruit and 4 nine inch dinner plates.

The 8 1/2 Ovenserve covered casserole was packed 1 to a carton with 12 cartons to a shipping box. The 9 1/2 pie plate and 10 1/2 cake plate to be packed 1 pie plate and 1 cake plate in carton with 12 cartons to a shipping box. priscilla jugThe open jug was to be packed one to a carton, 12 cartons to a shipping box and the three piece mixing bowl sets packed 1 set to an individual carton.

household imstitute priscilla backstampThere was some concern on Club Aluminum's part whether it was permissible to use the name "Priscilla" as the Knowles China Company had previously used the name for a Kroger deal. Since Homer Laughlin had used the name earlier on one of their Craftsman patterns, they felt there was no problem.

By 1942, Club Aluminum had requested a salad bowl and bake dish. The sketches that they (Club Aluminum) sent were Hall china shapes. A sample salad bowl was made at the direction of Frederick Rhead and mailed to Club Aluminum in April 1942. The salad bowl was designed with the Hall china company in mind, but more in keeping with the Homer Laughlin's methods of production. The salad bowl was produced but we have as yet no evidence that the bake dish was produced. Also in April of 1942, Club Aluminum was interested in a wintertime special and they asked for a steak platter. The sample steak platter called "Majestic" was sent to Club Aluminum and I found no further information on the steak platter.

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