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Newsletter; The Dish Patch, Round the Clock, 1941

The Dish Patch Newsletter; Round the Clock written by Jo Cunningham; Published by Robbins Nest.

ROUND-THE-CLOCK, 1941 - The "Round-the-Clock" was yet another merchandising plan that was exclusive to the Allied Stores. The Allied Stores owned the name "Round the Clock" and did not permit anyone else to use the name. The word "exclusive" is difficult to define in some of these merchandising plans, as the letter from Schuster´s Department Store in Milwaukee point out.

According to the letter, Schuster´s had purchased the Round-the-Clock promotion and were told that they could use the name. After using the name for several months, their competitor, The Boston Store, used the same Georgian pattern under the Round-the-Clock name. A response from the Homer Laughlin China company assured Schuster´s that Georgian G3551 was Schuster´s and had no idea how The Boston Store got the same pattern. The Allied Store had N1577 Ferndale, G3330 Regent, N1590 Du Barry and G3304 Rose Lane as exclusive Round-the-Clock patterns.

Article about Round-the-Clock promotion from the December 1940 Ceramic Industry magazine.

"Round-the-Clock" with American dinnerware is a brand new idea for selling dishes. It is currently featuring the Eggshell dinnerware of the Homer Laughlin China Co. The explanation of this plan is given by J. Donald Thompson, sales manager of the firm.

Eggshell, lightweight, crazeproof ware is being offered at a tremendous saving on the easy payment plan, making it possible for the homemaker to have a table service designed to fill every entertaining need from breaksfast to midnight snacks, formal and informal demands. It will not cause a family tragedy if a piece is broken, for the patterns are open stock.

There are four choices of decorations, "Rose Lane", "Ferndale", "Dubarry", and "Regent". All are ivory shoulders with floral designs.

The plan is catching on like wildfire and Homer Laughlin is sharing the benefits with the homemaker who buys the ware.

  • ferndale n1577
  • rosemary dubarry n1590
  • rose lane g3304

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